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Why cleaning window tracks is important.

Cleaning the window tracks of your windows is one of the forgotten jobs. We all notice when our windows are dirty and need a clean, but we generally don't look at the window tracks.

The reason we have window tracks is to hold the window in place, but also catch any condensation that rolls down the window. Window tracks collect the excess water, and through little weep holes, the water is released outside.

How to clean window tracks.

The problem is, if you don't clean your window tracks they fill up with dust, dirt and dead animals, blocking the weep holes and over time filling the tracks. This can then lead to:

  • growing mould

  • creating dust and mess, affecting allergies

  • reduces movement of the windows

  • generally looks messy

If you stay on top of cleaning your tracks they are actually very simple to maintain, but if you leave them for years they can become a real health hazard. Just remember, whenever you vacuum just run thin nozzle down the tracks and that should be sufficient.

However, if your tracks are full of 'stuff' like the picture above, then call The Window Boyz on 07 3286 7360 or email us and we'll get rid of all the nasties for you!

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