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Petrol Station 


Start Every Customer Experience on the Right Foot

People spend an average of 90 seconds filling up their petrol tank. That means that you have less than two minutes to make a great first impression – and to turn a one-time customer into a loyal, long-term one.

The Window Boyz can help. Our professional petrol station cleaning solutions are designed to:



  • Enhance curb appeal: A utilitarian space can still project a clean and inviting image – and we bring that to your property.

  • Prevent slip and fall accidents: We strip away grease, oil, dirt, and other leaks that could cause a health and safety hazard.

  • Comply with safety and EPA standards: Our pressure washing system is carefully formulated to maintain complete compliance with local, state, and national regulations.

Complete Petrol Station Cleaning Solutions


We provide a central resource for all of your petrol station cleaning requirements. A high-traffic area needs a heavy-duty solution – and we’re here to deliver.

Our goal is to help you streamline service, maximize results, and bring the best solutions to your property. That’s why our complete service menu includes:

Concrete pad cleaning:


  • We create a clean and professional space for customers to park their vehicle while they’re filling up their tank.

  • Sidewalk, driveway, and car park cleaning 
    softwash and pressure washing to ensure that the pump and payment kiosk is clean, safe, and inviting.

  • Bringing a clean future to your petrol station

  • Make every pathway one towards a great impression. We remove chewing gum, stains, and more from hardscapes with our concrete cleaning service.

  • Dumpster pad cleaning

  • A deep clean of your dumpster pad is just the beginning. We also neutralise odours and kill bacterial growth to ensure a complete result.


Petrol Station Exterior Building Cleaning

Our pressure washing system removes dirt, stains from exhaust fumes, and other imperfections that are impacting your building exterior.


  • We provide a blend of scheduling to coordinate with your business hours. You share the best time for us to apply our service, and we will work around those calendaring needs.

  • We’ll bring our mobile pressure washing capabilities to your property to create a safe, welcoming atmosphere for your customers. Our team will provide

  • Deep-clean solutions that remove oil, chewing gum, and more. We know that petrol stations attract buildup that fights against curb appeal – and we’re here to make curb appeal win.

  • Pressure washing equipment that can tackle any level of “dirty.” Our advanced technology and cleaners are just the match that tough stains need to get rid of them for good.

  • Ongoing service so your property is always well-maintained. We will work with you to map out the right petrol station cleaning plan for your property.


Environmental Compliance


  • Safety matters. Environmental protection matters. And code compliance matters. Our team ensures that your property complies with environmental standards at the local and national level. We do this in a few key ways:

  • Cleaning products are biodegradable and earth-friendly, so you can feel confident that you’re getting exceptional results through a safe pathway

  • Water reclaim that captures, treats, and neutralizes all water used in the cleaning process. This ensures that water runoff isn’t an issue.

  • Expert technicians who are well-versed in the regulations tied to your property – and how to ensure that we remain in compliance.

The Window Boyz is committed to helping your petrol station nail that great first impression.


With regular pressure washing, your customers benefit, you benefit, and your business remains a community staple: Everyone wins!

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