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What to look out for when booking a window cleaner in Brisbane.

All window cleaners are the same right? Wrong!

There are many different window cleaners in Brisbane to choose from when you're considering getting your windows professional cleaned. However, not all window cleaners are equal. Here are my 6 Top Tips to look for when booking a window cleaner in Brisbane.

1. Is your window cleaner insured?

Ask your window cleaner if they have public liability insurance. Why do they need it? If any accidents happen while the window cleaner is on your property, for example a broken window or you slip and fall in standing water, if the window cleaner does not have insurance then there will be an argument about who is liable.

At The Window Boyz we have insurance cover for up to $20,000,000. So if anything happens while we are at your house, you can guarantee you are 100% covered.

2. Is your window cleaner police checked?

Ask your window cleaner if they have been police checked. Why do they need it? A National Police Certificate, (NPC) lists an individual’s criminal and traffic court outcomes and pending charges that are deemed disclosable at the time of application. Why is this important? Well, you are inviting a complete stranger into your home and you want to be 100% certain that they are trustworthy.

All The Window Boyz employees have 100% clean police check records, so you can be assured that your home processions will be left exactly as you found them.

3. Does you window cleaner guarantee their pricing?

Does you window cleaner promise to beat any quote by 10%? At The Window Boyz we are committed to bringing you the best quality service at the right price. We’ll beat any written quote by 10%, it’s that simple! Just contact us now, and we’ll promise to beat any quote you may have.

4. Does your window cleaner use environmentally friendly products?

When you have people work on your house its important to know that your pets, children and yourself are safe from harmful chemicals. At The Window Boyz all the products we use are environmentally friendly and you can be assured that your pets, children and yourself will be perfectly safe from harm.

5. Does your window cleaner have good and genuine reviews from their customers?

Ask your window cleaner for referrals from other customers. Do they have great customer feedback, if not that should raise a red flag.

You can check out reviews for the window on Facebook, Google, Yellow Pages, Truelocal and our website.

6. Is your window cleaner really a professional?

Does your window cleaner turn up in a dusty old car, with old equipment and or do they turn up in a sign written car, in smart uniforms with the latest in window cleaning technology?

The Window Boyz will also arrive clean and smartly dressed in a vehicle that is clearly sign written. We also use the latest in window cleaning technology, indicating that we are professional window cleaners, not just jack-of-all tradies.


So next time you go looking for a window cleaner, be sure that they have all of the above to guarantee that you get a high quality job by professional window cleaners.

Alternatively, just call The Window Boyz on (07) 3286 7360 or contact us here.

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