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Benefits of Softwash Instead of Pressure Washing

Many homeowners are hesitant to powerwash their homes because of the risk of damage to their homes’ surfaces or nearby plants. This is one reason why softwashing has become such a popular option among homeowners in New Jersey. When compared to powerwashing, softwashing reduces your risk of household damage with an even better level of cleaning effectiveness.

Softwash for your home or business

To help you take the best possible care of your home, here are some details about the many benefits of soft washing services.

Softwashing Effectively Removes algae, bacteria, fungus, moss, and lichens

Powerwashing with high pressure tools and harsh chemicals used to be the standard way to clean the exterior surfaces of a home. But technology has evolved, and innovators in the industry have found a better way.

With modern softwashing equipment, we can remove algae, bacteria, fungus, moss, and lichens quickly, safely, and effectively. This equipment and cleaning solution also removes dust, dirt, spider webs, and debris by washing it away under controlled pressure. Instead of just blasting away all of these unwanted materials, softwash solutions keep surfaces clean for longer. This is because softwashing solutions treat and kill pathogens at their source and prevent them from coming back.

Softwashing Doesn’t Damage Asphalt Shingles

What good is it to have a clean home if it ends up becoming damaged in the process? Damaged asphalt is one of the most common side effects of power washing services. This old way of home cleaning also puts your siding, wood, stones, bricks, and concrete at risk. On the other hand, softwashing is gentle, yet effective, in cleaning off stubborn debris and eliminating discolouration.

Better yet, you won’t have to worry about your windows, window seals, screens, bushes, or shrubs when you hire a professional softwasher to do the job. Softwashing can typically be performed from the ground, sending water and solution up to about 30 metres high. This reduces our employees’ risk of personal injury by eliminating the need for wobbly ladders and extension poles.

Softwashing’s Low-Pressure System Doesn’t Create Leaks

Leaks are another huge cause of concern among homeowners who hire companies for their power washing services. When high pressure jets are used on siding, it often shoots underneath the siding as well. This can result in leakage and damage that you probably won’t notice until it worsens over time.

If you powerwash your home on a regular basis and for many years, it can wear down the integrity of your home and make it more vulnerable to leaks as well. When moisture enters your home through cracks and holes, mould and mildew find their way from the exterior of your home to the inside too.

Softwashing is a Cost-Effective Solution to Remove Surface Stains

As any long-term homeowner will tell you, unfixed issues around the house will only lead to higher costs down the road. The best way to keep costs down is prevention, but if the damage is already showing, then nip it in the bud as quickly as possible. Professional soft washing services typically take less time than power washing services, which helps save you money as well.

Softwashing Is Eco-Friendly

Compared to powerwashing, softwashing is an eco-friendlier approach to keeping your home clean, safe, and looking its best. Our professional soft washing services have a much lower environmental impact than professional power washing services because we use biodegradable solutions that destroy stains at the source. We don’t need harsh chemicals or scraping to restore the beauty and cleanliness of your home. Also, softwashing uses less water than powerwashing does, which helps you do your part in conserving natural resources.

See the Results for Yourself!

As you can see, softwashing has far more advantages than powerwashing and is the ideal choice for Brisbane homeowners. We welcome the opportunity to offer our soft washing services to you and your family, starting with a free, no-obligation home inspection. Contact us at 07 3286 7360 or via online form to see these benefits on your very own home!

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