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Why should I clean my solar panels?

The installation of solar panels represents a considerable but very worthwhile investment, but did you know that panels can lose as much as 30% of their output if they are unclean?

Dirt is everywhere!

Pollution, tree sap, bird poop and even rain-water can lead to a build-up of debris and cleaning with harsh chemicals can add to this problem by leaving a sticky residue.

Our solar panel cleaning system.

Our clean water system is ideal for ensuring a spotless finish and because the process leaves no sticky residue associated with chemical cleaning the glass stays cleaner for longer without attracting dirt.

Our pole fed, soft bristle brushes dislodge any debris or grime before each panel is rinsed twice with pure water and left to dry naturally.

As with our other processes, we work from ground level with no requirement for scaffolding or ladders a method which dramatically cuts costs and the possibility of damage to the building or inconvenience to its occupants.

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