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Why do windows go streaky in the sunshine?

Lesson one at window cleaning school: avoid washing windows in direct sunlight or on a particularly hot day, or you will end up with unsightly streaks. This is drilled into every fledgling window cleaner’s mind from the very first day on the job. Now, while we recognise the logic in this, we do not think that it always needs to be taken as gospel. With the right techniques, tools and attention to detail, there is no reason why sparkling, streak-free windows cannot be achieved in all weather – be it pouring rain, high wind or beautifully bright sunshine.

Do your windows look streaky in the sunshine?

Direct sunlight causes water to evaporate faster

The reason that windows are more prone to streaks when cleaned in direct sunlight is that the extra-warm glass causes the water to evaporate more quickly. As such, a film of soap or detergent can be left on the glass where the cleaning solution has dried too quickly. Now, of course, this can be a problem if you leave the windows to dry naturally, but expert window cleaners like us have techniques to overcome the issue. We will tend to work on a small area of glass at a time, as the overall idea is to wash and dry the glass as quickly as possible. One method is to have a strip washer in one hand and a squeegee in the other, using them in close succession so that, as soon as the strip washer wets the glass, the squeegee dries it.

Streaks are more obvious in the sun

Now, if you have streaks or smears on your windows, bright sunshine will soon show them up. This can be hugely frustrating for property owners who have just spent hours cleaning their windows, thinking they looked beautiful and spotless, only to realise that streaks and smears have been left behind. Often, this can make you wish you’d never washed them in the first place! To save you the hassle of doing them all again, you could consider hiring a professional window cleaner from the Redlands who will help you make sure every window is cleaned properly the first time round, saving you time, effort and the sight of horribly smudged windows.

To find out more about how The Window Boyz team can help you achieve a perfect, streak-free shine on your commercial or residential property in Alexandra Hills, Birkdale, Capalaba, Cleveland, Mount Cotton, Ormiston, Redland Bay, Sheldon, Thorneside, Thornlands, Victoria Point or Wellington Point contact us today. Our team will be happy to help, and can provide a free, no-obligation quote. After all, sunny days are a good thing – not something to worry about!


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