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Water Fed Window Cleaning System

The Window Boyz are on the cutting edge of Water Fed Window Cleaning Systems using the latest technology to make sure your windows sparkle!

Water Fed Window Cleaning System

That’s great! But what does it mean to me?

Sound a little far fetched? How can only water be used to clean with out using any kind of soap? You will find the answers in this article. The quick explanation on how the pole fed water system works the window and frames are scrubbed with a wet brush to loosen dirt and then rinsed with highly purified de-ionised water. Because the water is pure, it leaves no marks when it dries. You can think of it like the “spot free rinse” at the drive thru car wash, times 100.

What are the benefits?

  • No watermarks left on the glass

  • No scratches or scrapes

  • Your frames get cleaned as well

  • Your windows actually repel dust and dirt after the clean

  • No ladders up against your walls

  • No climbing on your roof to reach difficult windows

  • Soap and detergent free! Great for the environment, kids and pets!

The Technology behind it

Water in its purest form (rainwater, depending on the pollution where you live) has zero Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in it. Purified water is well known to be a great cleaning agent for many applications such as cleaning clothes and taking showers. Those of you that have children more than likely have bathed your kids in purified water, and of course mix the baby formula in it as well.

Water Fed Window Cleaning System

Pure mineral free water naturally wants to bond with minerals, dirt, and organic material. Its all part of the natural cycle that our planet produces. So when water passes through carbon, sediment and RO filters, then on to DI resin it is nearly as good as rainwater in purity (with regards to mineral and some chemicals that have been removed from the water).

When the water is purified, it is forced through hoses to a water fed pole delivery system. It travels up the pole, and to a brush.

How the window gets clean, is by agitating the dirt on the glass. The water acts as the lubricant to break the bond between the dirt and the glass, and then when the glass is clean, a rinse is given so that all contaminants are rinsed away.

To get your windows cleaned with the latest in window cleaning technology call The Window Boyz on (07) 3286 7360 or contact us now.


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