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7 Reasons not to clean your own solar panels.

Solar Panel Cleaning Brisbane

Solar panels are an excellent way to save money on your electricity bill and help save the planet. However if your solar panels have not been cleaned in the last you could be losing 25-30% efficiency. You can read more about it here.

Cleaning your solar panels is very important to get maximum efficiency, but they are way up on the roof, so here 7 reasons why you should not clean solar panels yourself and get The Window Boyz to do it:

1. You are going to need to get on the roof. That in itself is dangerous, carrying a bucket of water up a ladder and standing on the roof is a recipe for disaster. (We use special water-fed poles to avoid carrying buckets of water)

2. Theres a good change you may fall off. A wet roof is like slippery death slide, one false move and your off! (We use safety harnesses).

3. You are probably not insured to be on the roof. (We are).

4. There can be very stubborn lichen on solar panels and if you don't have the correct chemical and tools, you'll be up there a long time. (We have all the correct equipment).

5. Sunburn!! (We wear all the appropriate clothing).

6. Being electrocuted! Water and electricity do not mix. (We know what we are doing and will not be electrocuted.

7. Death! (Wouldn't it be so much easier, rather than putting yourself at risk, paying a professional to do it?).

Don't do it yourself and risk injury, call The Windows Boyz and have the professionals clean your solar.

Call no on 07 3286 7360 or contact us here.


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