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Cleaner office windows means better productivity

As the weather improves and the days get shorter, office workers soon start to resent missing the best part of the afternoon because they are working inside.

Large office windows in cities soon become grimy from air pollution and often expenses to keep them clean are overlooked in winter months, which can mean darker offices and precious daylight lost.

Cleaner office windows means better productivity

Studies have shown that natural lighting in offices improves workers’ focus, health and sleep patterns – meaning better work, less sick days and happier office morale. Grimy windows with water marks from rain and dust block a surprisingly large amount of natural light from coming in.

A thorough window cleaning in offices and workspaces can successfully improve worker productivity, and you are bound to notice the difference in the winter months, when the sun is shining more.

Better natural lighting in your office via cleaner windows can cut electricity bills significantly and save on overhead costs, and is a much more environmentally friendly solution than constantly having light bulbs switched on.

If you’re looking for window cleaners in the Redlands Bayside for commercial or domestic premises, contact us today to get a quote.


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