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Cheap Window Cleaner

"Cheap Window Cleaner" seems like a good way to start when searching in google for a window cleaner, but is it really?

Cheap Window Cleaner

We all want the best price when looking for services for our house, but is cheap necessarily better? Sometimes no, and heres why:

Public Liability Insurance

The quote may be cheap, but ask the window cleaner whether they're insured? If something happens to you or your property while the window cleaner is there, who covers the cost? The window cleaner you have hired may be cheap, because they are not paying insurance premiums. At The Window Boyz we have $20,000,000 public liability insurance, which means you're more than covered in the event of an accident.

Professional Window Cleaning Equipment

It sounds simple enough, but does your window cleaner have the right equipment? Having the right equipment could be the difference between and ok window clean and an amazing window clean. At The Window Boyz we have invested thousands of dollars in the best window cleaning equipment, which means you are guaranteed to get an amazing job every time.

Money Back Guarantee

Does your window cleaner guarantee every job? You can be confident that the window cleaners at The Window Boyz will deliver an amazing service. You are guaranteed 100% total satisfaction in all the window cleaning that we do, or you get money back. It’s that simple. We are 100% confident we will provide the highest quality service in all commercial and residential window cleaning jobs around the Redlands and get it right the first time, hassle free!

Does you window cleaner have a great online presence?

Check out your Window Cleaner Online

Does you window cleaner have a great online presence? Do they have a well maintained Facebook page, website and plenty of google reviews? If not there may be a reason! Check out Facebook page and Google reviews now.

When you're in need of a dependable window, gutter, solar panel, glass pool fence, shower screen or high pressure Cleaning Service, don’t hesitate. Contact The Window Boyz today.


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