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Maintaining Fly Screens and Windows

While this past summer wasn’t as brutal as we’ve faced in the past, it still takes its toll on your windows. Add that wear and tear to the heavy rain we’ve seen in the last month and it’s time to consider some extra TLC for your windows.

Maintaining Fly Screens and Windows

Your fly screens and windows need to be clean to prepare for more rain and to look great during the sunny days.

Could you clean your windows yourself? You could, but 1) it’s not fun, and 2) there’s nothing like a professional cleaning of your windows. The trained experts at The Window Boyz have the latest equipment and use very thorough techniques when cleaning your windows.

We offer a variety of window cleaning services. Depending on what you want accomplished, The Window Boyz can brush and hand wash screens, wash storm windows from both sides and secure them.

Prepare your screens and windows for more rain with a proper cleaning by contacting us today!

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