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How Often Should I Clean My Windows?

Whether your home has 14 windows or 44, the chore of cleaning each can seem daunting. The problem with dirty windows is that unless you decide to keep the blinds or curtains closed 24/7, you’re going to have to actually look at those dusty, smudged-up panes of glass. For many households, window cleaning typically falls into the seasonal chore category. But what do the home and cleaning experts recommend?

How Often Should I Clean My Windows?

How Often Should Windows Be Cleaned?

CNN put together a list of how often certain things in and around the home should be cleaned. According to their report, windows should be washed twice a year, while screens need only to be cleaned annually.

For many homeowners and even renters, window cleaning usually is a once-a-year chore. However, window-washing frequency will depend a lot on your home’s location.

Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is one of the big chores that often is best left to a professional team. Having a team come in, like the pros at The Window Boyz Window Cleaning, to handle the work has multiple benefits. These include but are not limited to:

  • Less hassle: no need to gather cleaning supplies

  • Saves time: let the professionals work while you rest

  • Professional quality cleaning products: streak-free cleaning process

  • Safer: the professionals have the right equipment for reaching even the highest windows

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